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February 07, 2006


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I love the "scribbly" quality of line, so fluid. Adds a life-like look to the veggies (and the utensils!). I just posted a comment further down on your postings, only to notice your note about going skiing tomorrow. Have a great ski!

Laura - your food pictures are just gorgeous - I love the subjects, the compositions on the page(s) and the whole way you're approaching them. The colours and the technique on this latest one are stunning.

Quite mouth-watering!

And my friend tells me there's a phase of the moon or some such at the moment and a lot of people are feeling out of sorts.......and my prescription would be to keep using cheery colours all the way through February

Now I feel guilty for comment-cadging! Thanks, everyone. Marly, 'churlish' is one of my favorite words and if I tell you that I manage to use it fairly often, I'm afraid you might get a slightly skewed picture of me. But I do, though I draw the line at 'knavish.' Lee, thank you so much for visiting and commenting. Chris, Terri, Teri, Cin, Linda, Elaine--- very glad you like these foody lines. There'll be more!

Hope the gloom lifts soon Laura - it doesn't show in your joyful drawings.Spring is around the corner (which helps with gloom for whatever reason I think)- thinking good thoughts for you.

p.s. love the shadow shapes and inkyness of the kitchen utensils

p.s.s. hope the dispirited passes soon, take care.

oh Laura, the colors in this! I love the carrot top yellow greens with the blue greens in the platter, beautiful combinations all around in this. I so agree with Terri too, how beautifully descriptive your lines are and you have done it here with barely a contour line (which I depend on entirely!) I am always always learning from you

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