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February 10, 2006


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goodness, and i think it is cold here
but i think my blood has thinned a bit
during our balmy January

hope the skiing was fun!

I love the carouselling condiments in the background and that solitary juniper berry (awwww - bless) :)

Sausage and beer - so good! Hope you're having fun. Brrrr here in NY as well.

Laura -- You now have me drawing fruit too .. what an inspiration you are! You find the most INTERESTING and TASTY things to eat -- and you render them gloriously!

Hi Terri and Linda! Terri, I ate one of the two large sausages and made some inroads on the one pictured. What you see here is what I didn't eat---I couldn't wait to start!

The Blizzard ale sounds wonderful!! Makes me want to try it. Considering some of my previous comments about your glorious food renderings, I did laugh to note that you ate part of this meal before you could draw it. I'm still amazed that you can get a drawing done before it disappears off your plate! I don't think I have that dedication. :o)

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