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February 20, 2006


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Thank you, thank you for all the great eggy comments. Cin, YOU are the inspiring one! V, T and L, the theme idea is proving helpful, I think. K, thank you for adding the permalink feature. DK's surface is convex, not concave, so you don't get the upside down phenomenon. Thank you, Terri and Zephyr and Elaine. I turned off the heat while the egg was still in the pan and drew ;D. Yay, Linda--you saw me!! I'm looking forward to trees, the next theme in waiting.

I finally saw you in the spoon! You know how you look and look at something and can't find it -- then the phone rings and while your mind is on something else you glance over and -- bam! Okay -- at least I think that's you. :-D
Love the frying egg -- I'm with Elaine, though -- how do you keep from getting spattered? Food month is fun, and I hate it that we only have a week to go.

How did you draw the egg without getting a hot fat sputter? lol Love the blues and golds.

okay, so yes...the egg is great
but i love the pan even more...
metal, reflection, heat, oil
all very yummy

Nope, sorry, I still can't make you out in that spoon, but if you could see me trying to stand on my head in front of the computer looking at that spoon you'd get a laugh anyway. Love the egg. Yes, Lin is right, only you could make a naked egg look so wonderful!!

As I commented to somebody yesterday, everybody's doing eggs in their blogs at the moment!

Apologies for not getting my permalink sorted in time - this is it in relation to "Katherine's egg" http://makingamark.blogspot.com/2006/02/burford-browns-and-old-cotswold_14.html

And did you see Duane Keiser's painting of the day this morning? He also did his reflection in his mirrorball - but it doesn't look upside down to me..........

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