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February 23, 2006


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Thanks so much for the nice comments! Terri, I did these not in a sketchbook, but on loose sheets of paper, 18" x 24". Linda, I'd love to know the reason why---I'm a fan of facts ;D. Lin, thank you, dear woman.

Gorgeous gorgeous as always. Laura, what size sketchbook were these done in? I've been trying to work in A2 size, but I think I should try a few in my smaller everyday sketchbook. Perhaps the size of the blank page in front of me is more intimidating that I realize. I love the confident line work in these. You make it look so simple and straightforward, and I KNOW it's not!! :o)

It's funny how the two poses are nearly exactly alike, isn't it! (There's a physiological reason for that ... but it takes all the fun out of it so I'm not going to tell you.)
:-D Love your figure sketches -- Drawing people's whole bodies is a lot harder than just their faces ... I'm always impressed with your work.

I really like these...so much life.

I really like these. Especially all the folds and the dark and light lines.

Life drawing is great isn't it! As a tutor said to me once, if you can learn to draw a person from life you can draw anything.......

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