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February 21, 2006


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Terri, my friend, thank you so much. I get a LOT of satisfaction from these when they work out all right.

You do eyes so beautifully...and mouths. I could look at your portraits over and over. Wonderful Laura. :o)

Many thanks, you all. Wally, I thought it was a front door compliment and I'm sticking to my story. Sutter, about the hair--thanks. No comment about the other ;D. Lydia, what a lovely thing to say and yes, those are some great earrings. E, I love your two recent people sketches!

What a confident hand - I can almost see you drawing this by looking at your pencil strokes. Pretty lady.

Wow, you and portraiture honey - blowin' me away. Esp. the lush eyes and the hair. Nice earrings....

hey, she's not food. i think i could get in a lot of trouble if i ate her.

really cool handling of the hair

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