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February 26, 2006


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Thanks for participating in this tagging game. After reading your answers, I feel like I know you better!
By the way, your trees sketches are absolutely wonderful. What a great start for the tree month!

A very Happy Birthday to your year in blogging. Isn't it amazing what a creative and enriching outlet blogging has become? I too have met and built many friendships- here's to knowing you better in 2006! Cheers!


Thanks to Lauralines! I am so happy you have shared! Love the drawing as well. I love the subtle little colors and the whispy lines!

Hey happy belated blogday! So happy to have met you and all hosses thru the blogasphere. How lucky we are!!!! Sketch on and on.......

Hi, dear last commenters! I myself am late, having been out of town all day yesterday. Katherine, Linda from Pa, Zephyr, your great warmth touches me deeply. Cindy, I just can't tell you how much I appreciate and reciprocate your thoughts and feelings. Linda M, I bought the cake--I'm no good at drawing from the head! Now what is it about Will and Grace that you and Robin are suprised about? It's funny as anything! Kate, I did this the last two years in college. I can do snails for you, you lovely, greedy child ;D.

wouldn't ya know....
i don't get to my blogging hideaway for a couple of days
and i miss the art-blog-celebration of the season!!!

a HUGE HURRAH!!!! and HAPPY DANCE for you my dear, friend!!


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