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February 19, 2006


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Late to the party so can only echo everyone else: great drawing of garlic, really. The colors are wonderful. Guess I can't claim to find you in the spoons since you've already posted the answer ;-)

Love the garlic/shallots as well - colors are fantastic.

Love the measuring spoons (altho I'd prolly keep picking them up and putting them in my bag thinking in rush-about-like-a-maniac mode that they were a bunch of keys). Shut up, it's my age. The garlic and shallot are just curvy-perfect. Also, if you count ingredients/food on the table in your Truffle series you're prolly in front for Feb.

Those garlics are like little Venetian glass gems. The good kind. Not the aqua stallion kind.

Okay, I'm going to take a stab at it, although my eyes are crossed from staring so hard. On the big spoon, right about six o'clock, there's a coffee cup. Just to the left of it is your hand holding a pen. And the rest of you curves up the left side, arriving at your head at about nine o'clock. And now I need to find some Tylenol.

Thank you, one and all. Wally, you're incorrigible. And yes. A, any time. Marly, I'm so thrilled to be imaged by you! Lin, maybe you could give up garlic? Katherine, it's a Micron pen and it bleeds a little, but not badly. C, yes and no. Janey, no and no. T, I'm in there and will try tomorrow to elucidate ;D. Thanks again.

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