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February 15, 2006


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Thank you, my friends and my daughter! Lauren, your blog is so interesting for a foody like me. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

that green cup is brilliant! the way you did that pattern is really amazing. i wanna drink it up!

These are great coffee cup pictures! love them! I am a journaler and a foodie, and my food blog is even called fancy glass. cause i love adding a fancy glass or cup even to an everyday occassion.

I am inspired and think I will go do some of my own cups too!


OH MY! I love the red cup renderings! Yay! They are beautiful!

Oh, these do have a very romantic air about them, and seeing them and knowing a little about C., I can completely understand why she would pick them for you. So lovely!

Sweet - I can only imagine how elegant the red cups look with expresso in them. To all you daughter-missing mothers ... it goes both ways :)

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