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February 28, 2006


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This is so lovely and expressive!

Thank you so much. Nina, I'd forgotten about your fabulous fish! Katherine, tepid food works well enough ;D. Diahn, thank you---quick sketches have their advantages for sure. Maggie, I saw that great drawing of yours! Dana, I'll probably be in that exact position at the end of this year, anxious to do paintings after all of this drawing. Cin, many thanks. Lindsay, I think the swans are gone! They weren't there this morning.

This is how I like to fish!! I like the little things but can't stand to bait a hook and reel em in!. I love your adventures in drawing. I've been working on more interiors because if your January foray!! Thanks for the inspiration. PS can't wait to see your swans.

I think you've inspired me to do the daily drawing again. In 2004 I was religious about this and I learned a lot but felt it was keeping me from working on more completed paintings so I produced enough of those for 2 shows in 2005. 2006 finds me totally stalled and I think you're providing the push to get me out of the stall. Your interiors and foods are just wonderful- you have such a developed style. thanks for sharing it and putting the gentle hand in my back. dana

what an ending for this gorgeous month, the colors are brilliant!

Beautifully colored trout and I the loose feel of the tail makes it look like it could be swimming given some water. I would have loved to see a series of your fish painted in multi-colors. I managed one food sketch this month too-while waiting in an airport.

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