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February 27, 2006


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Oh those little cakes are soooo cute!

Thank you SO much, you all. I had to go out of town right after posting the drawings above, and just returned to your very kind words. I thought the goat sketches were good to post because most of my stuff is pretty UNsketchy---a series of these goat drawings will show a learning curve, for sure! March is trees but I really should force myself to do animals for a whole month--I certainly have a lot to learn on that score. Maybe this summer.

i LOVE goats!!
my dear friend has pet goats and when i visited last year
and met the newest kid, my heart nearly melted away.
i think your sketches catch their adorableness just right
love the last foodie stuff too!

This reminds me of one of your earlier entries that got me hooked on your blog. Remember the puppy sketches? These are like those.

I applaude you finding new subjects and producing new drawings!

So were you shivering or calling for your mother? :o) I enjoyed seeing your pages of goat drawings, particularly seeing the partial drawings and uncompleted ones. My sketch books look more like this - filled with started but not finished bits and pieces and the occassional completed drawing. I'll bet you'll be pleased to see the back of the food month now. What's next??

Man, you gotta love these baby goats! :-)
I'm sad to see food month come to an end, though ...

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