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March 29, 2006


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How wonderful to have such a model. I've just joined a life drawing class, did my second today so it's interesting to see other's experiences and results!

As always I am in awe. You nail these everytime.

WOW, it sounds like the perfect figure drawing club/studio. Berlioz is an added bonus to a wonderful model. Great sketches!

Lovely illustrations and what an interesting subject. The setting sounds so calm and peaceful. What a wonderful way to spend the evening.

That first one is wonderful! There's emotion to it. :)

Thanks, everyone. Katherine, I cropped the image for my blog, so her head wasn't really close to the edge. I think the power of her midsection, the drawing's emotional and physical center of gravity, caused me to draw bigger there. I'll have to watch that. Niff, no groups around here have long poses. I'm going to have some models in my studio in April for long poses. Teri, continuing my figure drawing was part of the plan for 2006!

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