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March 30, 2006


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Thank you so much, everyone, for such nice comments. I had fun making this drawing. Donna, welcome. I appreciate your checking out my blog and am very happy you like my work. Maggie, I subscribed to A Latte a Day, too;D.


I love your drawings and artwork. I found your site via Marlys.

I will come back and visit.

What can I say? You capture the essence of every tree and bush you illustrate! so much life and energy in this!

P.S. I finally signed up for Blog Lines and have subscribed to your blog so I won't miss a thing! I too now have an atom feed on my website. Thank you Laura!

Yes, this is a great ending to a wonderful month of trees! It looks all green and alive and ready to burst forth. Beautiful!

I agree with Zephyr. This is the fireworks at the end of the show! Beautiful lines and the hint of color. Great job L. Congratulations.

You saved the best until last :)


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