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March 18, 2006


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Thank you so much, everyone. This is definitely a sketchy sketch--it was quite cold and windy while I was drawing. Pam in Tuscon, I love Asian art and have long studied it but not in the way you meant, I don't think. I love using Chinese ink and brushes and Japanese brush pens for drawing. You can see a lot of the former in my 2005 Plants, Flowers album at left. I have a fair amount of Asian art in my house, so it is never far from my aesthetic thinking. Linda, I didn't get to the tree yesterday---another chilly day to be drawing outside.

how beautifully you've captured the different materials that make up the nest, even how light and delicate it is, it's really quite stunning

I love that one--and it's pouring snow outside!

Oh, now my favorite tree has been blessed with a nest. Great!

I especially like the way you've captured the buds here.

this would make a fantastic screen
or mural...and...
we're both thinking about birds...
great minds, you know!!

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