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March 18, 2006


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I wouldn't have thought to be on the lookout for a nest, at least not until months later. Great idea, and so well drawn. Again, you did that teasing dab of blue sky -- the perfect amount. We watch you and learn, my dear! I'm looking forward to seeing the entire tree!

This one is so beautiful! The lines are so graceful, and the choice of colours is very lovely. I do agree with the comment about Asian art. Yours has the same ethereal and yet precise quality.

I just recently discovered your blog. Your paintings are beautiful! Have you studied Sumi-e? This one in particular reminds me of Chinese and Japanese brush paintings I've seen in museums. You have a wonderful talent. The redbud is exquisite.

Oh I love nests. This is a beautiful sketch!! You've captured the messy beauty of the nest perfectly. :o)

HOW FANTASTIC, Laura!! The tree - one of my favorites of the spring .. so wonderfully painted -- and the bird's nest -- you can see all the wee pieces and intricacies in your lines ... I LOVE IT!

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