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March 28, 2006


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I must say the both of you are amusing and quite likeable. The cadgy one, she is quick witted and very appealing, the decorous one reminds me to keep it in line and plays to my refined side and draws me in.

I too have been experimenting this past year and have promised myself to go with the flow and whatever appeals to me at the time. I am finding that my style flows easily from hand this way and I can see repeated patterns of style in the different works I do. I see this in your work as well and I believe I could recognize your work anywhere-it has such great panache! I look forward to the next surprise, so please tell whatever one I am speaking to to just keep doing what you all are doing! :)

what a wonderful opportunity you had. I am enjoying the abundance of free flowing lines.

Mustn't it be good? To try all styles, and find the best one? And why couldn't three different styles be "you"? I'm looking, and enjoying myself in the process of trying hundred new medias a day (about)... :-)

Marly, pas moi, darlin'. I do look forward to YOUR doing it, though. Thank you, Sioux and Teri, from all of us ;D. Elaine, I'm so happy to see you! Julie, you're the one who got me thinking about this issue---the multi-styled vs the uni-styled artist. Interesting to mull over. I think I'm just too restless to stick to primarily one thing, which is why my yearly agendas are good for me.

There you go Laura, everyone thinks your hand is recognisable. Now I don't think it matters, there are people whose work I love because of the infinite variety of styles and others who I love because of their one personal style. I would get bored doing everything in one style - but maybe it's because I'm too shallow to explore one style in depth! These are lovely and I love your pregnant model drawings. How lucky you were, I don't suppose they come along that often - I just seem to get old men at my classes!

Oh Laura - don't over-analyse your breadth of expression and style - they are all *you* whatever the medium; you have a style of looking that overarches every topic you've covered :) Lucky you to be such a virtuoso of so many tools (and you are - your ease is quite breathtaking). Looking forward to April!

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