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March 19, 2006


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BTW... I may have to make this my new wallpaper on my computed. Just wonderful!

The Tart

Beautiful work... this is one of my favs of yours.

BTW... I saw your comments on Sparky's blog. GROSS is right. I just will not be part of that... good for you for speaking up ; )

Have a glorious day,
The Tart

Even if there is little green, you've made it look so cheerful -- all I see out my window now is grey & more grey, LOL...

I've never thought of drawing the trees outside my window from my bed - but you've given me food for thought - I also like watching them as they change throught the seasons.......

Thank you, my friends. It was nice sketching from the warmth of my bedroom yesterday. Lately I'd been chilled and buffeted by winds while drawing trees outside.

like a stain glass window, the colors are so vibrant!

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