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March 27, 2006


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No. 29 produced while "eking away in the chill and gray" is my personal favorite. It has such character.

That's a fabulous sketch of a cherry tree. It has the feel of a Chinese painting.

So much to catch up on, while I have been out of town on a business retreat you have been a very busy woman! I absolutely love the way you illustrated the white weeping cherry. The way the limbs curl around and the beautiful brush strokes and washes dotted with the delicate flowers make this piece exquisite!

Laura, I love this style you captured here. The line work is so sensititive! Your "screen" of branches is so mysterious too.

That is just stunning Laura. So beautiful. Thanks.

Hokusai! You lucky lady - I'm very envious! Not of the weather of course - but then I have driving rain and chills outside my window and everything is very late this year here as well. I like the new brush pen - looks like you're enjoying it.

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