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March 20, 2006


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Fantastic! Really love this.

i miss/love these little studies you do. you get such amazing shadow colors.

thanks L.

I LOVE these paintings. I still remember another sweet gum ball that you painted that was a total mystery to me. I brought two home from the sidewalk with plans to sketch/paint them myself but I could never imagine how! Your work is amazing.

Lovely - the noodly lines on the lichen covered half-a-branch are wonderful, and I love the blue added to the pine cone. Just wonderful!

Laura's Little Museums. I like these emblems of death and life... They fit my mood and are charming and even (the pods) a bit grotesque. My mother has some lichenous branches with last season's hummingbird nests (packed with milkweed silks on the inside), and I was thinking how wonderfully you would paint them.

These are beautiful!

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