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March 20, 2006


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Thank you, my faithful buddies ;D. I'm trying to think up different ways to approach trees. I do like drawing loosely (or not at all) related, miscellaneous things.

nobody does things formerly attached to trees better than you! I'm especially remembering a sketchbook page of magnolia cones that made me gasp. these are all rendered with such grace, you have me gasping again!

I have a similar collection of bits and pieces saved to draw. I couldn't do them justice though. You did these so beautifully. I love how you draw the simple things and make them beautiful on the page too.

Mmmm ... the drawings of little tidbits that you stick in your pockets on cold days are among my favorites. These are no exception!

FANTABULOUS!!!! WHAT A NEAT NEAT IDEA -- and how GLORIOUS you rendered them, Laura! LOVE EACH OF THEM!! That gumball and pinecone are especialy AWESOME!

Wonderful category! Your use of lines and color is so perfect without a lot of fuss.

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