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April 25, 2006


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P.S... Love their hats and power tools. Can you name the brands? he he

I look so forward to seeing your color sketches of your gardens. My Iris are just about to bloom, the nasty rabbit bit back my Easter Lilies and the rose bush survived the frost. With the loss of our beloved Blue I now can plant to my hearts desire. He would often lay on all the newly planted flowers and sometimes bury a dog biscuit in the freshly uprooted Iris toes. Furstrating yet wonderful memories but I do so look forward to planting a plethora of flowers again. Sorry, rambling...should be shooting you an email. Post flowers in colors soon Please! :)

The new garden plan is wonderful. Much better than excess lawn. Can't wait to see the drawings of the gorgeous flowers you'll grow. :o)

you know, I can feel that yardwork going on! great sketches.

You can send the guys up here next. I'm with you on eliminating lawn. But so far I don't seem to be able to get past two seasons. Fortunately, I could look at green all the time.

Thanks, everyone. There were just two men out there, drawn at different moments. Linda, your yard sounds delightful! I'm going a Flowers/Gardens month, probably in June, so there will be many opportunities to watch this take shape! Marly, hope the cold snap didn't/doesn't wreak havoc in your garden and village.

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