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April 26, 2006


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Hope you fill up the well and then draw out many shining pails...

Laura, Well this is the end to a wonderful month. Thank-you for all your'e work. It was wonderful. Can't wait till see what May will bring its my b -day and waiting for word of an operation now it seems the Drs are going in this direction not for my bday month I say :) anyways knowing all this and the wreck I've been these days months your'e work and words even though you dont know has gotten me through alot tests needles ect.Thanks so much sorry about being sad just one of these day's for me. Have a wonderful time on youre adventures and will be looking forward to see what is next on your journey.
Linda Pa

bon voyage!
always love your travel sketches...are we there yet?

Awesome series!
Have a safe trip - really looking forward to traveling with you via your posts.


what beautiful figure drawing. I am mesmerized by these. wonderful, wonderful.

Awesome drawings!

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