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April 02, 2006


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You make it look easy. :o)

Not much to add after 13 effusive messages, but I have to say your husband's feet are done so well it gives me a burst of pleasure to look at them. Can't put a price on that.

That dratted Walt!

He left you a heartfelt poetic message at tenthousandcolors... This must be what they call "viral" spread. Very amusing to find you here, there, everywhere.

Thank you, everyone! Maggie, you're most welcome, my friend. The waiting room drawing was done with a kaimei brush pen on Sennelier craft paper. Linda's right---the colored one is done with Cretacolor aquamonoliths. I love skimming along with those! I'm really glad to have your feedback about posting quick studies. I tend to be a perfectionist and I haven't shared many of those but this month, I have no choice. Not enough time for a ton of more finished sketches. 1950's pattern books aren't something I'm familiar with, my I LOVE pen and ink illustrations from that era.

Wow! The waiting room sketches look like they're right out of a 1950s pattern book. (One of my parents' artist friends did that for a living, so we had a lot of her books around the house when I was a kid.) Very different from the two of D.

The quick sketches in the waiting room remind me of a drawing book I have from the 1950's. Very nice. What kind of pen did you use for it?

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