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April 21, 2006


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GORGEMENTOUS, Laura!!!! I didn't even THINK of attempting these two weeks ago ... Your renderings are every bit as masterful and skillfully done! BRAVA, my lady, BRAVA!

I heard about this exhibit, but, of course, with all of my work over the past week, I knew that I would not be able to see it. Glad to get a glimpse from your lovely sketches!

I'll miss being with you, Mandy. I marvel at your way with those tiny sketchbooks and can't wait to see your drawings from tonight and the wee hours of the am!

Oh these are great. It's always so interesting to try on someone else's style, isn't it? You just observe everything so differently. I would love to see the tiny drawings in person. I can't imagine anyone drawing smaller than me. Now tonight when all the 'biggie' pads come out at the draw-a-thon, and people are fighting for elbow room, I'll just whip out my 3 x 5 moleskine and hold my head up high.
Thanks for the inspiration. I'll miss you tonight.

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