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April 23, 2006


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Beautiful hands and I appreciate the way you indicate the joints and creases in the folds of the hands. Lovely. I wish you a safe journey and so sorry I haven't been here more. My work has forced me with less time then I would like which has been extremely frustrating for me as I like to post several times a week. I will have a chance to catch up with all your posts and hopefully get a chance to see what you will be drawing while traveling.

Ever friend,


these drawings are delightful. I love the active quality of your linework - it makes me want to get loose! And the hands are fabulous.

Be strong and get the best results!

Laura, You Go Girl! You never know what tomorrow brings, So live today like it was your last. Follow your dreams!
I like to use the following metaphor.
fastfoward your life 30 years from now. You are in your rocking chair reminiscing your past, and thinking I should have done this or that when i had the chance. SO whatever your desires, Please follow them with all your heart and soul!

love the quote - i'll sooo aim for that.
love the drawings - especially the colour sketch from borders.

Laura, Brovo want to draw people out but truly dont have the musture to do it yet.But coming hear and seeing youre work helps alot. Love the ladies and the hands don't they tell you alot when you look at them. I love hands and when captured right it say's alot. and yours do. Be proud o youre self you have come such along way down this art road. Peace'

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