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May 29, 2006


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Hotel de Varenne just as charming as you described. The weather is more like early March, though, than late May.



Great Laura. I love these. I am going to miss this month, but what a great sketchbook you are going to have here.

I love the gardening spread. It reminds me of the "old english" garden drawings... I want to say Tasha Tudor or something like that. I like to see the lines in the drawings along with the color. It is a neat style for you.

OOOHHHHH YUMMMY and luscious!!!!

Laura,I am so torn! I love the building in all its glory but that garden scene is just awesome!!!!! I love it. I can almost see you working.

Thank you very much, one and all! It's been fun to get into color more this year, as the seasons change and as the subject dictates. In reproducing these sketches the color brightens somewhat and the detail diminishes---frustrating for the artist! I can't emphasize enough the need to use good quality paint and paper, though--that's the way to get deep, saturated color. You can see a difference between my sketches before January 2006 and those after. The paper in my custom sketchbook takes color like nobody's business! That and not being afraid to use watercolors with almost no water.

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