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May 27, 2006


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Love your sketchbook too Laura! I've been experimenting with colored pencils on smooth bristol... I'll have to get some of your paper to play with too. ;)

Well that settles it - I've used the same paper for some time but for 'proper' artwork and have always loved it. So I now want a sketchbook with this paper and coptic binding.........and have no idea how to get one! Back to the internet search.......

Merci beaucoup to all commenters! Katherine, I use 140 lb HP Fabriano Artistico paper. My hands are so tired from weeding and digging that I can't type individual responses, but know that they're in my head and I thank you so much.

now you've gone and made me itch to get out the colored pencils!! love these sketches and the umbrellas are great - those angles create such wonderful tension. bravo!

Laura, your umbrella sketch really helps me see a new way to look at composition. As always I love visiting because I'm inspired. A regular groupie!! I love the sketch of your dad too!

Cabin is beautiful! All those angles - ha! But you have all those negative spaces as well - which always make a nice challenge just a little easier - a very nice one.

And many, many, many thanks for sight of your sketchbook. That's a very nifce size - not too big and not too small. Do you know how many webpages about coptic binding that I've just looked at? I think I may just have to go and do another post on my blog and then confess my enormous ignorance of coptic binding, link to this post and then download all the coptic binding links I've found! I wonder if your binder knows any good binders over here..........

I now want to know which paper you use!!!

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