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May 28, 2006


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a stunning, soulful portrait. just fabulous!

Lovely, the lineaments of the past. A good way to keep and celebrate the Day.

My father was a teenage tailgunner--joined up at 17 and flew in the Incendiary Blonde. I have his bundle of scrapbooks and silk map and missions log. The crew lost only one--the mid-waist gunner, who died on the very last day that mid-waist gunners were used.

My tiny Scout and scoutmaster are out marching in two parades...

A wonderful tribute Laura. And our minds are running in the same direction today....to honor those service men and women and how it personally touches us. Beautiful sketch and yes, it does deserve a frame.

Lovely -- made me remember my great-uncle, also a WWII pilot...

Beautiful sketch! Thanks for reminding us that it isn't just another Holiday, but a very sacred one

Oh, Laura!! Such a wonderful sketch ...and such a memorial to your dad -- especially today! It's so easy to get caught up with sales and BBQs ... your sketch is absolutely PERFECT!

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