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May 31, 2006


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5 sketchbooks down, wow! another wonderful month this was, and so many more to come, what a tremendous treat and inspiration these all are, many thanks Laura!

A delightful drawing to end the month with I must say.

Linda, I'm heading for the bathtub very soon. Z, those were my thoughts exactly. The Romantic fallacy lives. I hope the laurelines start to come easily. Marly, thank you--I got the package today. Three people were made very happy. Lori, Lindsay and Chris, thanks so much.

Oh - hope you're feeling better soon! I believe in lots of hot baths with good smelling stuff and trashy books to take the edge off of any illness, by the way -- just a tip to add to your list of future remedies! :-D I'm looking forward to gardening month!

Hope you are feeling absurdly healthy and spilling-over with vim by now. (Actually a day in bed sounds delicious, the mother of three-children-at-home thinks...)

Can't wait to see what you do with a garden at night. Moonflowers and moon? Something.

i absolutely hate being sick in spring or summer...much more than fall or winter when hunkering down feels good....when it's warm or sizzling it seems to be like "salt in the wound". so was glad to see the post that you are feeling a tad better this morning.

i can hardly wait for your June-garden explorations, i feel some quintessential Laurelines coming on!!!


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