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May 21, 2006


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"The Pepto Bismol House" - promise me when you publish your sketches that this is the description yoou will use. I'm already lining up at Amazon, credit card in hand, to buy my first edition of "The Laureline Sketches"

How do you like those Inktense pencils? I've been thinking of getting some.

Amanda, I love you, too, and I WANT you to come down here!!

this looks like it belongs on an island somewhere, I love pink houses :)

I don't know. Last time I saw it, it was not what it had been--but I can't remember the new color.

When I lived there, it was a sort of buff yellow with white trim and a tin roof. It looks a lot like the pink house, only it has a little gingerbread (or did.) It's on the corner of Greensboro and Shelton (I think it's Shelton.) There was a tiny little woods behind it, jammed with lily of the valley and spider lilies. I think there's a house in that spot now, between 501 and an apartment complex.

Now I live in a much older house, but I loved that little mill house. (Though of course I'm loyal to the fake center-hall colonial on Cheswick, where I lived when the first two bambinos were born...)

I want a tour of all these homes when I come down. These are all so much fun Laura. I love houses. I love NC. I love Laura.

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