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May 24, 2006


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Laura - could we maybe see photographs of your sketchbooks - as sketchbooks (rather than the drawings in them) so we can see the size and how you have the paper bound? I know I for one would love to see them.

I love these studies - so loose and free. Ah, to be so spontaneous!!

Hi, Marly-- you're welcome and, yes, this is a tobacco- and- corn- motifed column from the old Playmakers building. I used a thick pencil to draw here, so didn't get in the same detail as I did in the other ones. Lindsay, I rarely use Moleskines. This is a handmade sketchbook. Thank you, Linda, Tam and Cin!

Laura, Just beautiful by far, love the coulm, its wonderful you captured it so well. Since these kind of buildins are my favorte,Thank-you
Linda Pa

I love this grouping of details! I was thinking of spending some time drawing finials (I don't think my spelling is right and spellcheck won't catch it, the toppings on gates, roof peaks and that sort.)

Laura, this is lovely! Your page lay out is fantastic. Is this your mole?

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