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June 19, 2006


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A happy flower doin' it's spiky dance -- you definitely have the growth and movement down, and lovin' those touches of purple and blue in the green.

As I recall cardoons are HUGE.
Is this one a big 'un?

Thanks, everyone! I did enjoy drawing this--it's a cardoon, in the artichoke family, and it's growing in our front garden. I eagerly anticipate the luscious blue of its spikes every year. Jako and Naturegirl, I'm happy to see you!

My heart be still! I absolutely LOVE your sketches..I gasped when I enlarged them!! I shall visit again as I have bookmarked your site!How delightful I found you!

This is really gorgeous - and the colours are absolutely spot on

well...this is just about perfect, no? Yes!

Laura beautiful flower painting. What kind of plant is this? and how and what did you do, and use to paint this wonder? I love spiky flowers also thankyou for having the garden month it sure is wonderful, maybe you can extend this into next month. By the way how is youre garden doing.
Linda Pa

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