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June 09, 2006


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You know I absolutely love all your stuff...but you have outdone yourself on this one...WOW!!! THe water is amazing!

Sorry I've not been around Laura - lots to do, as I think you;re aware!

This is gorgeous - and you've picked a subject which has me intrigued on more than a few occasions. The problem is finding a pool with goos size fish which is quiet enough to sketch by. I think I'm going to Kew Temperate House in the dead of winter when it's raining and try the one there - they have lovely fish in their pool! :D

Glad to find you;re getting on with the polychromos - they are a very superior sort of coloured pencil!

Thank you, you all. I do want to go back and do more sketches of the fish, especially.

Beautiful! I can almost see the goldfish move!! I hope you do go back again I'd love to see more of the same.


ahhh yes, makes you just take a deep breath and relax. . . wonderful

Laura, I love it when I pop open your blog and see these tiny soft sketches, they are pretty undefineable. It is like seeing the outside of a package, it is pretty from outside but when I click on it to enlarge it, WOW! the details are spectacular!!!

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