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June 28, 2006


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Fantastic! Always good to shake up the pencil box and try something different.

love it when you use different paper. The colors seem so bright, they really do jump out at you.

Wow I love this Laura. Amazing.

Oh, my. I'm agreeing with all the comments so far, this is just superb. Love the paper, love the loose style, great composition, wonderful colors. And kudos to you for being so committed to this monthly topic drawing, we enjoy it even when you don't, LOL. Your blog is beautful, as always.

You're right, these colours do glow! Lovely. I'm going to miss 'In the Garden' month when it's done! :o)

Thank you, my buddies. These really are fun to do, these sketches on colored paper. There's something so simple and direct about them, I think. Marly, I'm sorry to hear about your flood and deluge problems. Wish I could help. Robin, I was afraid for you, too.

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