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June 21, 2006


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I thought at Frida Kahlo as soon as I've spotted your picture, you just don't have her big eyebrows! Fab selfportrait!

Laura, Just what I needed on a bad day:) Youre the best! Have a wonderful day.
Linda Pa

The colors have such flair and the hair and expression so regal-love the buddies. I am so sorry I have been away so much. I have missed you too!

Thank you SO much, everyone! Teri, maybe one day ;D. Catalina, pourquoi pas? J'ai toujours besoin de pratique! Chuckles, you should paint yourself in costume, too! Alexiev, I'm so glad you've come back-- muchas gracias ;D. Elaine!! I hope this means we'll be seeing some monkeyshines soon! Linda, HA! Linda from Pa, there are flowers for you today. Katherine, I love your forehead--great sketch. Can't wait to see your nostrils and upper lip. Thanks, Mandy, Lindsay, Felicity, Jan, Cin, Lori, Marly and Nina! Hope I haven't omitted anyone.

Nice one! Have you noticed how we're all developing strategies for dealing with this SP marathon? I'm doing a jigsaw - he only gets a bit of me at any one time! Who are you going to be next?

I just printed out your portrait and drew a uni-brow on it with black crayon. You're right -- it doesn't do a thing for you.
:-D Great portrait!

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