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June 20, 2006


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Wow, I'm drooling over the garden and the drawing!!


These are lovely, and WOW you are so lucky to have a gardening food-writing neighbor -- am fantasizing about the plant division and potluck sharing!

I must tell you, Citizen L., you cracked me up with your blog comments!

I dunno about that bit about me being arrested...suspect it's my arrested development that's more the truth.

What a lovely garden. And any dog with any bit of basset has got to be fun.

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! The garden AND your glorious rendering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a piece of heaven!!

Regarding comment above--One might think a writer would be able to spell definitely.


Moreton, I changed it for you, since I definitely know that you know how to spell definitely ;D.

Wow! How lovely. I'm not sure all my potted plants constitute a garden, but I'm flattered that you, a master gardener yourself, consider it so.
The dogs, Daisy and Lilly, are most definitely part of the garden.
I love these, dear friend. Thank you!

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