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June 17, 2006


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Marly, you were right not to resist! I love being embedded in one of your stories, no matter how tiny ;D.

I knew you were tall... Just couldn't resist, given the tinies.

This is a fabulous bunch of comments! Moleskines elicit strong feelings, eh, guys? :D. I haven't tried the wc one yet. I have my curmudgeon image to uphold, you know. Marly, I love being a fairy tale character, but find it hard to envision myself or my handbag as teeny-tiny.Can you be tall and teeny-tiny at the same time? Melissa, it might have been 6 or 7, but still. Thank you, buddies, one and all!

Fantastic use of colour! You look very glamorous too! I'm one of those anti-Moleskine-ers too but I have to admit they are so handy! Wish that paper wasn't quite so smooth. I've taken to rubbing the whole thing with an eraser before I start as the yellow comes off slightly but looks better!

ONCE upon a time there was a teeny-tiny woman who had a teeny-tiny (moleskin) notebook and lived in a teeny-tiny house in a teeny-tiny village. Now, one day this teeny-tiny woman put on her teeny-tiny (but snazzy) glasses, and went out of her teeny-tiny house to take a teeny-tiny drive with her teeny-tiny (but cute) husband. And when this teeny-tiny woman had gone a teeny-tiny way, she found five teeny-tiny pencils in her teeny-tiny purse, and she said, in a teeny-tiny voice: "Why, I can make two wonderful pictures in my teeny-tiny moleskin notebook with my five teeny-tiny pencils."

And so she did.


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