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July 21, 2006


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Spectactular spoons. I'm so inspired!

Spoons! What a great idea for a still life. These are beautiful as I'd expect - you have the knack of making the mundane seem exotic and special. Wonderful Laura. You make me want to go and draw right now!

Thank you so much, buddies all. The subtleties in the spoons didn't show through well in the blog image, but I guess you got the idea. Marly, your ephiphany train is a great idea. Chuck, worry not. You're still you. Lori, bergamot and lavender sound perfect.

obviously worked - just fantastic!

These spoons stirred you to a moment of transparent seeing, where you get mixed into the whole. I love it when that happens.

Somehow looking at this so very beautiful sketch I'm smelling bergamot and lavender.

I love these spoons!

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