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July 26, 2006


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I love your comment about seeing personality in the things you paint. I know exactly what you mean. I love the beautiful loose washes here and lovely colors.

Thank you, Richard. I hope you'll come back. BTIGB is a good place to be, too.

Just discovered your work today (via brain trapped in girl's body) and I'm so glad I did ... lovely work.

Thanks again and again and as always, you great responders! Pegs, wish I could have been there! Paris Parfait, please DO come back often! I've subscribed to your site, so I won't miss a thing ;D. Teri, I'm very discreet---no rumors or secret-divulging ;D. Terri, I don't know! Tomatoes are fruits, so I'm guessing fruit, too. Lori, that's Texas for you. Thanks, my posse of Hosses--- A,C,C. Linda and Lin, we try to suppress, but it just doesn't happen ;D. Good luck with your blog, Dave! Marly and Doc, click here--- http://laurelines.typepad.com/my_weblog/2006/02/sprouts_and_lim.html and there was another brussels sprout eruption on Laurelines last summer sometime.

Missive to Dr. R:

I like Brussel sprouts. I like the way they look on the stalk, and I like to eat them.

That is, I like to eat them when cooked in the manner of Bert Greene's recipe, "Brussel Sprouts in Pecan Butter." From the marvelous GREENE ON GREENS.

Oh darn! From the thumbnail I thought I'd found the one other person in the world who likes Brussell Sprouts.

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