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July 25, 2006


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Laura, this is my favorite this month I think...no wait, the Danish....ummmm maybe the bird thingys...or is it the onions? Geez Louis. Can you get any better?! This is absolutely gorgeous. The pen and ink really gives this so much depth of color and the rich tones you chose marry so well.

I love the two pens! It brings the sketch to life so vibrantly.

Thanks, guys! I had fun with this. I haven't done a sketch like this in a long time. I used two different colors of Micron Pigman pens, one siena, one purple and then naples yellow, ochre, ultra violet (I think) and some other colors for the watercolor washes and some smears of white gouache for the candles.

Laura, The candle stick is wonderful, what did you use for the drawing. Gosh Laura this is an art class and blog great art work and a wonderful person that you can come to everyday. (:
Linda c

dancing Lauralines!!
ala Jane Austin movies....
okay, that's what this symetrical, lovely piece made my
mind leap to....so i've got a weird imagination!!
what else is new?

What I would give to see a painting by you that's oh, say 5' x 8'...a wall-sized painting, with these sorts of loose lines and refreshing color and energy.


Just imagined it, and it's now part of the decor in "My Happy Place."


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