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July 24, 2006


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Beautiful glass work. Very fresh.

Love the cobaltesque comments! Thank you, PB!Marly, it's an odd combo of things to love, isn't it? I don't know of the person whom of you speak (heh) but will check out url. merci. R.E., you nosy thing (;D), and Jana,I have no clue---it's a pan in my cobbled-together tin. It ISN'T Holbein Cob Turq Light, though--I just found a tube of that and it has lots more blue than green. Will have to try it. Oh, and I use lots of glazes, so you're seeing cob turq often with other colors. Z, you have a wonderful way with words, many thanks. Felicity, Linda C, Terri, Teri, Tam, Susan, Robin, thanks so much all of you. Robin, I do both more and less because of the blog---more sketches, fewer longer pieces. 2007 will have both, in balance, I hope.

I love this color! You use it so expertly and beautifully!!

the glass
your vision
your skill...

You do use a lot of these two colors, and to perfection, I might add! You convey colored glass so well in your drawings, it is just amazing!

These are beautiful. I've missed visiting your site the past week and am enjoying catching up. I haven't seen cobalt turquoise before. Which brand are you using?

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