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July 20, 2006


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When I see your floral and vegetal works, I just melt. Gorgeous, once again!

Thank you, you all!Isn't it funny how mood affects your work? I've been in a quieter (shadowy? ;D) frame of mind the past couple of days and it really shows in what I choose to draw and the colors I choose to paint with.

Oh my gosh!! Fabulous!

i really like the subtle detail in the vase water surface and the different shades of green in the stalk and leaves.

I'm always an awestruck admirer of your work, but today I am simply amazed at how well you can switch from the zinginess (sp?) of yesterday to sheer elegance and subtlety today. This is just beautiful.

Once again I'm noticing shadows and refractions and inward colors of glass. And it is all the fault of Laura, Laura, Laura.

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