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July 31, 2006


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What a wonderful month of line and colour. I find it as difficult as everyone else to choose a favourite - if I have to, I think Tomatillos on a Glass Plate and the Candles and Window. Maybe I'll just go back and look through them again :)


All three of these paintings are favorites. The red flowers are amazing and the compositions are delightful, as well as the colors. I can see any of these as full sized paintings. They're really going way beyond sketchbook art--so sophisticated and well designed and executed. I would love to have all three of these hanging as large paintings in my house. There's such a European (French I suppose) sensitibility to them, as well.

Grr, that was suppose to be a !!!!! ;D

Breathtaking floral arrangement? I have a very similar container with roses. The reds are SO RICH.

Thank you SO much, everyone, and especially thank you to those who mentioned favorites! It's fun to know these things, though I try not to let them influence me overmuch. Teri, I'm within driving distance of farms, so no problem ;D. PB, it's just that I had other things to draw. PP, merci bcp et je suis heureuse de vous voir ici! Chris, was it the heat... or something else;D? Elaine, I miss you. Pedro, hope you're enjoying your vacation. Niff, I'm glad you like these. At the dinner the other night everyone went crazy over your birds hanging in the kitchen! Smooches to Cin, Lin, Terri, Linda M, Linda C, Karen, such faithful and enthusiastic buddies!

Now THIS is the Laura I love! your little colorful set-ups. How do you make glass look so transparent and light and delicate?


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