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July 03, 2006


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Hi all! Oh, good, Jan and Linda---two more Cretacolor compatriots, with Katherine as one in waiting, perhaps. They're pretty different from other wc colored pencils, aren't they? Less watery somehow. (Even when you use water with them.) Pedro, Teri, Linda, Lin, thanks for your kind comments. Marly, happy 4th of the 7th to you, too.

Not having them means my fingers are also not practised at spelling them - MUST remember to use the preview function!!! ;)

Not having Creat Monoliths over here, I'm looking forward to having an experimental scribble with them when visting the USA this month.

Hah. Now I can go to bed, now that I have made pilgrimage to Nosy's gallery! Happy 4th.

Laura, I don't know what these pencils are all about like the colors of them. Going to look them up.
Hope youre 4th and new month are a vast mass of fire works!
Linda Pa

I've got a set, too -- based on your recommendations! I just need to devote more time to using them, but they are wonderfully weighty in one's hand, which feels good, and they have a lovely line. They did not, however, make me magically draw as well as you do. I had so HOPED ... oh well.

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