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July 27, 2006


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Oh, the blue of the hydrangea and your wonderful free-spirited painting - perfect!

Ah, the texture! Gorgeous! Tomato, soft, sliced, juicy (almost looks as if you collaged a tomato seed on there!), ginger curls -- at least I think they're ginger curls, and that serrated edge.

Must ask -- other than sketch propping, did you use these ingredients together in one dish?

One of the things I continue to enjoy about your watercolors is the loose, fluid underdrawings that peep through, and the dabby, loose application of color- you don't get too precious with every little detail. It lends your paintings such a vibrancy and energy- your colors are clear, and your application is confident. I thoroughly enjoy your stuff. It inspires me to explore letting my own watercolors be looser. I'm so uptight sometimes!!

always magic here! and inspiration.

Thank you so much, everyone! The minute I saw that lone hydrangea head hovering over the spent blossoms and green leaves, I knew I had to paint it. Such a celestial blue. Larry, is there not grant money for a sketcher to accompany you on these, speaking of celestial, trips? You know you need watercolor documentation. I'd be honored if you used the image, as long as you let me read your paper! Sarah and Virginia, welcome. Please visit often! Marly, so glad to be of service during the application process. PB, now you've got me wondering to what topheaviness you refer ;D. Teri, Linda M, Lin, Terri, Linda C, Chris, thanks so much for your lovely comments.

What a most elegant hydrangea!

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