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August 01, 2006


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Hi Laura, thank you for visiting my site - I fell in love with your drawings, they are absolutely lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing more (especially animals...:)) please send hugs to Pearl and Abby.

Thanks to everyone! PB, you nut. I appreciate all the positive comments about the simplicity and change of pace, because both are going to continue for the foreseeable future! Don't get bored!

I love seeing animals, these are great, Laura

Talk about two totally different pieces! I am glad you included your color for the people or the change would almost have been too much:)

Good luck on your other projects-I know they will be stunning.

I like the change of just simple pencil lines, they're beautiful.

I find it hard to see the structure under all that fur, wow, not a problem for you, beautifully done, Abby's head/paws I really like, perfect capture.

The pencil animal sketches are wonderfull, and the colours in the farmer's market painting are very well laid. Great work.

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