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August 06, 2006


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Elaine, I'm so happy to see you! Yes, goats are wonderful, aren't they? I'm going back to a goat farm within the next week or so and draw more. And I'm glad you like the insects, too---it's been hard for me to post really quick sketches, for some reason. With animals, you have no choice!

Is that goaty-goodness amongst your beautiful statuesque bovines? That 'looking about for naughtiness' 'tude? I love goats so :)Your gorgeous insects look like they are wigging out and shaking their many legs to some very energetic tunes. I love these Laura - I love the massive change in scale - wonderful!

Thanks so much, one and all. Tara, many thanks again. I do love drawing! Cin, oh, DO join me in Animal/Farm month! Wagonized, vous etes si gentille---merci. Quant a moi, j'adore votre blogue! PB, I probably won't paint over the messy 8b pencil, but I'll be doing more cow sketches so, on verra ;D. The new paints should be here today! Red Shoes, thanks so much. I'll add your link today. Z and Lin, we are all three surrounded by these lovely summer creatures in our gardens! Terri, Teri and Marly, thanks for your great support.

I love these solid bulls, they are great in all sences of the word! I will link to you very soon, as soon as work and visitors give me a break!

ah! love your sketch of bugs...and we were both watching a Tiger! (thank you for your lovely comments)

love your bulls, as well. my friends kids called the ones with white belts around theri bellies "Oreo cows"!...which, of course, is what I call them still.

Lovely Rubenesque cows..and as soon as you get yr new paint box you can throw a dab of paint on top non?

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