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August 20, 2006


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Aren't those roosters glorious! well done, Laura. You look like you've had such fun drawing animals this month, and it shows... thanks for your comment on my eggplant WCs. I cut out the eggplant from number one to use in a collage and I think it looks better taken away from its background, but I can see number four looks ok too. I'm going to keep trying until I'm happy with it.

Thanks so much, one and all! We've had a lot going on here, so have been uable to respond sooner and as fully as I'd like. I'm upset that poor Sylvester's comb is permanently gone (thanks, Terri, for the info) but I assume it could be worse for a rooster.

What a great collection! My own "chooks" are now starting to look very healthy with the spring weather fast approaching. Mmmmm.... I should give it a go and try drawing them :D

Love the looks in the eyes of the hen in the last page! The roosters are great, especially the one pecking about between his feet. The little bits of color add a nice touch, I like it that it is just a little.

The roosters look quite regal. I love them!

WOW! These are gorgeous and lively. Any watercolor there? You're so lucky to know exactly where your eggs come from and even be on speaking terms with the supplier..I mean the hen.

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