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August 20, 2006


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Animal month has been a constant delight. Such wonderful, lively chickens. Poor Sylvester does look diminished without his comb, but the one WITH the comb looks so lordly!

I love chickens and your drawings are wonderful! You've captured that cross, crazy, slightly vacant look (or am I the only one who thinks they look like that?!) Love the combination of free flowing lines and colour details.

Wonderful collection of chickens.
Drawing animals from life is not easy. Bravo!

I love these chickens! And their eggs are great, as I know from my own experience. I have been impressed with your drawing of animals, and this is one of my favourites.

My favorite is the bottom right rooster in the middle picture. He's so jaunty! You make it look easy but I know it's not since I bet they don't hold still long.

Err, Er, Er, Er Errrrrr! Love the rooster and the chickens. I have a soft spot for roosters. As a young child I would visit my great grandfather's farm and chase the chickens and the roosters much to my ggrandfathers dismay. I was always upsetting things in the chicken coop! Lve the combs!

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