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August 08, 2006


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Turkeys are such interesting looking birds. I can see why you found them so fascinating to draw. :o) Great job Laura!

Thank you, one and all! You are right, Marly, these are NOT cruel turkeys. But then, raised as carefully as they are, on a peaceful and beautiful farm, their better natures have no choice but to triumph! Robyn, all the farms I'm visiting this month belong to farmers of my local farmers' market, people who've given me prior permission to come and visit and sketch!

Excellent results of your persistent method!

Oh Laura, I have turkey envy! They are beautiful. Do you just roll up to someones turkey farm and say 'Excuse me......'? I suspect the owners would love to have a watercolour.


Wow, we have so many wild turkeys around here that I have never really looked at farm kind! Wonderful wonderful job on these. Now I know what they REALLY look like.

I'm not much of a turkey man, myself. But these are exquisite.

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