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August 30, 2006


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Laura, this sketch makes me really happy and warm, thank you for sharing.

Thank you, recent commenters! Tania, my cat sleeps for hours at a time! I could have drawn that entire side of the house if I'd felt like it ;D. Jana, I do miss her when I'm away and Bela, I know how much you must miss your own sweet cat. Lori, the animals elicited a certain quality of line, didn't they? It was a wonderful thing to do, drawing all of those gentle creatures. Elaine, I think Pearl was semi-aware that I was drawing her. She SORT of trusts me, but, being a cat, she sort of doesn't, too. Kate and Linda, thank you so much for your warm remarks. Robyn, it was fun joining your group. Thank you very much for inviting me.

Pretty Pearl so relaxed but look at those ears - alert for the sound of a can opener lol. I like the idea of an Anarchy Month amongst the themes!

Pearl looks like a mellow, grayer version of my tawny Sabbage Tabby, Kizmet (who is delicately cleaning her toes at the moment.)

You have such a gentle, sweet line when drawing animals. It's been a treat to follow your adventure!

Oh, a big, peaceful pussycat! Next thing she'll do is tuck that leg away. (I miss my cat so much.) Such a beautiful sketch! :-)

Your style never fails to amaze me, Laura. This is wonderful...quick, fresh, REAL...

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